Services of Radiology Devices

Given the quality control of diagnostic radiology devices, Partopayeshgar Pars Company is ready to make contract with authentic companies of producing radiology devices in Iran; and it is realized due to the expert staff including experienced biomedical engineers and repair technicians of radiology devices. Besides, thanks to the numerous nationwide agents, the company is ready to provide services in repairing and calibrating all types of diagnostic radiology devices as soon as possible. In this regard the company has done an outstanding performance during the past decade.

Radiation Shielding (Isolation of X-ray Rooms)

Considering the presence of Zanjan Lead Production Plant in Iran which is the largest lead production plant (with a purity of 99%) in the Middle East, Partopayeshgar Pars Company rolls the lead and it has produces lead sheets in various thickness (from 0.5 mm to 20 mm). Moreover, this company uses its own lead sheets for isolation of x-ray rooms and radiation protection. The company has performed a brilliant career by implementing isolation procedure and lead lining of x-ray rooms in more than one hundred medical centers and diagnostic radiology centers all across the nation. Some examples of isolation projects done by this company are shown in the gallery.

Lead Lined Doors

Lead lined doors are used in diagnostic radiology centers in order to protect the personnel and clients. These doors are available in various size and shape including hinged, rail, automatic rail, and sliding doors. All aforesaid doors are produced by Partopayeshgar Pars Company. The company guarantees that the doors do not have any leakage of radiation and easy opening and closing of the doors in long period of time is also guaranteed.

Quality Control & Calibration

By having the license of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and Medical Equipment Department of Ministry of Health since 2004 Partopayeshgar Pars Company has thoroughly done the quality control and calibration of many devices. The company has proceeded this activity due to its quality control equipment of various radiology and diagnostic imaging devices such as quality control kit of radiology devices and assessing phantoms of image quality in radiology, mammography, panoramic imaging (OPG), CT scan, bone densitometry, periapical, angiography, c-arm systems, fluoroscopy, various medical printers, and automatic and manual x-ray film processors.